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Where is My Refund

Federal Refund Status

If you need to check the status of your refund,you can use the IRS online application by click the following link: Where's My Refund?


You can also check the status of your federal refund by phone by calling the IRS Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954(toll free).

State Refund Status

State Refund Status: Some states do not provide online status inquiry. For these states, automated phone verification is available, and the telephone numbers are provided below.


ALABAMA: Refund Status

ARIZONA: Refund Status

ARKANSAS: Refund Status

CALIFORNIA: Refund Status

COLORADO: Refund Status

CONNECTICUT: Refund Status

DELAWARE: Refund Status

GEORGIA: Refund Status

HAWAII: Refund Status

IDAHO: Refund Status

ILLINOIS: Refund Status

INDIANA: Refund Status

IOWA: Refund Status

KANSAS: Refund Status

KENTUCKY: Refund Status

LOUISIANA: Refund Status

MAINE: Refund Status

MARYLAND: Refund Status

MASSACHUSETTS: After clicking the link, you will be required to login to the Massachusetts website. The link for Refund Status is located under the heading "View Recent Activity". To access the website, click here.

MICHIGAN: Refund Status

MINNESOTA: Refund Status

MISSISSIPPI: Refund Status

MISSOURI: Refund Status

MONTANA: Refund Status

NEBRASKA: Refund Status

NEW JERSEY: Refund Status

NEW MEXICO: Refund Status

NEW YORK: Refund Status


NORTH DAKOTA: Refund Status

OHIO: Refund Status

OKLAHOMA: Refund Status

OREGON: Refund Status


RHODE ISLAND: Refund Status


UTAH: Refund Status

VERMONT: Refund Status

VIRGINIA: Refund Status

WASHINGTON D.C.: Refund Status

WEST VIRGINIA: Refund Status

WISCONSIN: Refund Status

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