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Non-Profit/Educational Entities Accountant

M&Y International Financial Services provides accounting, fiscal management, and business consulting services to non-profit, school districts, and college organizations looking to achieve success.  We help by evaluating the financial status of the entity and by offering healthy, evidence based decisions for the future success of the entity.  Our firm provides guidance on accounting and auditing issues as well as developing manuals and bulletins for public schools and academies.

School District Treasury/Acct Services

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Non-Profit Goverance

Non-Profit/Finance Planning

Early Childhood Provider Accountant Services

Accountability and Fiscal Guidance

Financial Federal and State Grants Prep

Federal, State, and Local Grants Accountant and Consulting


Federal and State sources usually comprise a large portion of grant monies. These include such familiar federal programs as Title I, Title II, Title III, IDEA, Adult Education, Textbook Reimbursement, and Free and Reduced Lunch program. MYIFS helps school districts understand for what uses and purposes the grant funds may—or may not—be utilized.


We prepare, analyze, and interpret financial data for grant program managers to ensure that financial records are accurately and timely charged to grant funded programs.


  • Review and monitor expenditures and accounting information to ensure budget compliance and conformance with all funding source requirements.

  • Prepare all applicable fiscal reports for sponsored programs and ensure timely submission.

  • Monitor and track the status of each grant.

  • Develop and maintain spreadsheets and databases to document and verify expenditures, receipts, accruals, and deferred revenues

  • Prepare financial data for and coordinate with OCDE external auditors and federal/state special program auditors.


  • Prepare financial reports in accordance with grant requirements.

  • Provide financial data analysis to various department/functional management to assist in planning and decision-making.

Assist in preparation of state year-end financial schedules.


Early Childhood Budget Accounting

Familiar with all aspects of Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers, N.J.A.C. 10:122-1.1; and the Elements of High Quality Preschool Programs, N.J.A.C. 6A:13A.

(Contract with Schools and Providers)


  • Budget Preparation and Analysis

  • Monitor Income and Expenditures.

  • Ensuring Proper Filing of Forms and Reports with the State and Local Agencies.



District Treasurer

Report to School Business Administrator and District Treasurer a detailed statement of the moneys received by district and disbursed, complete detailed statement (Secretaries Report) for board meetings, and balance of district moneys.


Budget Preparation

Budget process:

  • Personnel Budget: Position Control analysis.

  • Personnel Benefits: Health, Employee Contributions, etc.

  • School Based Budget Preparation: Fund 15, Required and Discretionary Prep.

  • District Budget Preparation: Fund 11, 12, 13, 30. Transportation, Special Services, Technology, Administration, etc.

  • Prepare projected multi-year budgets.

  • Generate cash flow forecasting.



Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Preparation.

Work with business office administration to prepare district year-end financials- Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

M&Y International Financial Services
193 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Office:  732-640-5088
Fax:     732-640-5089
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